“Thank you for your support and for turning these architectural designs into reality with me.”

“There comes a time when you realize you have the choice.  To be you, to take radical responsibility, to listen to your heart, soul, and intuition to be creating the world of our dreams. Integrating the benefits of nature with the abundance of architecture in our cities as an answer to address climate change. For our children and us, for we all get to create the life of their dreams too.”

Get in contact with me when you are inspired by a great idea of cooperating. I am open to listening.

Reach out if you are interested to book me for a talk to your audience about the concept of NARCHITEKTUR and how it is implemented for 9 locations in the heart of the city of Zurich.

I offer to create with you, your instance, or your city, anywhere in this world, a conceptual phase of the design of NARCHITEKTUR. For the building of your dreams and their purpose, I connect my expertise and interest to a personal NARCHITEKTUR answer for you.

I initiate partnering up with architectural firms who are keen to turn this concept into reality and of course, I facilitate the execution. That’s my expertise.

How fantastic is it thinking that in a specific amount of time the design of Sechseläutenplatz is executed into reality?

Zürich, let’s set an example to the world together!

Call me: +41 78 944 77 30

Looking forward to getting connected!

Write me via Signal/ mail@sigenagels.com/ SMS/ schedule a studio visit.


Eager! And, where do I start with this? May 2020
We don’t need a perfect sketch, right?! S. Nagels
Exhibition Hotel Sedartis, Thalwil, Nov. 2020
Narchitektur Zürich Sechseläutenplatz Sige Nagels

Limited Edition Print Escher-Wyss-Platz, S. Nagels
One step at a time will get you anywhere! Believe!