Sige Nagels

Sige Nagels (°1977, Belgian, Antwerp) is an architect, engineer and visual & installation artist. A crusader for change, she speaks out via her art and installation work against climate change and the adverse effects of waiting for positive action to take place. A visionary with her heart firmly set upon enacting massive social and economic change, she belongs to the small per cent of people taking massive action today.

Through her work, Sige reminds us to remember that we are influential thought leaders and that by dedication to our own goals and aspirations, we have the power to create the reality that we long for, one degree at a time.

As an engineering architect and project leader, Sige’s background gives her the practical tools to engage and execute large-scale projects with precision and accuracy. In addition, her cutting-edge creativity leads her to be inspired and intrigued by the people she meets and situations she encounters, particularly when it comes to life choices and what drives people to move beyond the realms of what is seemingly possible to create new and beneficial collaborations in leading-edge areas of thought.

Sige believes that to enact real change, we must rethink what is needed and take radical responsibility to preserve and protect our society and planet. By securing sustainability today, we guarantee a bright future for our children and those yet to come. Now is the time to inspire, envision, and execute our dreams and be the example we want to see globally.

If you are interested in collaboration, please contact Sige directly.