What is Narchitektur?

When nature and architecture are combined into a woven structure and then integrated into the existing infrastructure of today’s city, the city and its inhabitants have an immediate response to climate change.

Sige’s work combines architectural and urban design with the undeniable benefits of nature to address climate change and the immediate need for action. Meeting the social functionality of the city whilst carefully maintaining its heritage, each design is seamlessly integrated into the existing landscape.

To create resilient and sustainable cities in the face of climate change, we need to look towards integrating the endless and exclusive benefits of nature into our existing infrastructure. These include; the regulation of temperature, water retention and release, oxygen regulation and supporting a diversity of animals and insects. The additional benefits to humankind include soul reconnection, inner-self discovery, mental wellness and a state of increased relaxation.

The subject of climate change can be overwhelming, and many people feel unsure of where to start to address the issue adequately. Using art as a visual representation, especially within recognisable locations, allows for a better understanding and creative solution-based thinking around the issue.

Sige has carefully designed every installation to leave the viewer with a sense of positive empowerment and lead to a willingness to contribute to the solution proactively. At its heart, inclusivity and mutual benefit mean that the observer of the piece feels like they have a place in the solution.Children, in particular, have loved this project and have proven, beyond doubt, that a child’s mind is perfectly able to capture the need and benefit of a resolution for all.

The mission of Narchitektur is multi-faceted.

Firstly, the aim is to open the minds and expand the vision of the people working and living within their beloved Zürich. Sige takes you on an interactive journey through a sustainable city represented in art. No less than nine locations within the heart of the city are experienced as green architectural design. Art connects people across worlds and territories. These 3D compositions implanted on 2D mixed media artworks are presented with horizontal frames, carried by a birch trunk to represent the city of Zürich held by nature.

Secondly, Sige aims to represent that no solution is perfect, and therefore, there is no need to wait to execute an action. Instead, we create by doing, and we achieve with discipline and focus. The time to begin is now, with a simple solution-based approach and collaboration. Less is more.

The third aim is to represent her art and architectural designs throughout Zürich, her dream of developing sustainable cities resilient towards the changing climate. Furthermore, to provide solution-based approaches that serve society as a whole and protect our world for future generations. Finally, to remind people that radical responsibility is required to create a better reality where social and moral needs are ultimately met. Paris! New York! Tokyo! Singapore! Los Angeles! We’re talking to you!

If you are interested in collaboration, please contact Sige directly.