Prime Tower – Zurich

This building is a landmark for the city of Zürich. In this creation it is represented as a prototype. The facade is layered, while vegetation is integrated to steer the physics of the building more naturally, using less resources.

I can see people working in the prime tower enjoying sceneries of nature. A mother walking with her children shares the smell of the flowers in the bushes watching the Swiss Alps 40 meters above Hardbrücke. The bus driver drives the passengers through the walls of nature.

Pedestrians walk above roads, squares and in between the buildings. This oase makes you experience harmony. For the city it lowers temperature by several degrees. This reality protects you when it’s hot and provides a shelter in winter.

For example, Maag Halle thoroughly uses artificial light for her services. This allows you to walk above the Maag Halle in a multi layered park. Oh, the wind coming from Frau Gerolds Garten can not cut so hard while nature protects and shields this newly invented industrial site.

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