Hardbrücke Bahnhof SBB – Zurich

Covering this massive open space (used for run and siding tracks) delivers a prolongation to a massive walk in the heart of the city of several square kilometers.

Both the canopy of the Langstrasse and this from the Hardbrücke are connected to create a very large walk in the park in the city. The Hardbrücke is covered with construction on both sides cutting the landscape like a boat cuts water surfaces. The park deliberately contains a lot of trees and bushes.

I see a commuter hopping on the train at the Hardbrücke station, heading home after his short evening walk above the tracks, providing his Instagram feed with the most beautiful scenery this place offers by winter sunset.

I see children in the early summer sun enjoying the water fun and running through the grass barefoot till they caught their dog, rolling, hugging and laughing.

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