Bahnhofbrücke – Zurich

Creating an oasis of tranquillity over the bridge crossing the Limmat. Elevating this passage of traffic by creating levels, floating rafts and gardens as an under- & overpass. The aim is to massively increase the quality of this magnificent spot in the city, creating shelter and harmony.

I invite you to walk over floats on the Limmat, waving to your friends on their way to you, coming from the main station. The many levels are functioning as islands, two green lungs, uplifting interaction on a human level.

I see a grandmother explaining to her grandchild there once was a tall grocery here that had to move to provide this splendid oasis with breathtaking views of the Alps. Yes, the workers of that grocery Bahnhofbrücke are still talking about how special their team building on the upper terrace has been last week, knowing this place has served them well years and years before.

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